Wonder comes not from the props we hold, but from the experiences we create.

Magic has always been Arvind's passion. After years of study and hundreds of performances, Arvind will take you on a magical journey that you have to experience to believe. His fun and original presentations provide you with entertainment that you will remember for a lifetime. Book Arvind to entertain at your event. Make it one to remember. Your guests will have an experience they will never forget!


Arvind travels all over the world sharing his magic with thousands of people. He has performed in over 45 countries including off-Broadway in New York City, appeared on Dutch national television on 'De Nieuwe Uri Geller' show, featured in national newspapers, amazed people at events ranging from galas, TEDx events, corporate shows and international festivals to charity and private events. With his unique style and persona, he can blow your mind up close while performing just a few inches away or shatter your reality when you are part of a thousand people watching his stage show.

Arvind is also the lead moderator on Ellusionist.com, the leading online magic store. He administrates the forums consisting of over 80,000 members, takes part in discussions regularly and offers his knowledge, advice and support to fellow magicians as well as those new to the art.


Bring the magic to your venue. Whether you're hosting a small private event or an international festival, the performances are customizable and designed to suit you. Explore the different options below and choose the one(s) most suited to your event. Every project is different and each service is available standalone as well as part of a complete package.

An Intimate Affair
Close-up Show
An Evening Inside Your Mind
Stage Show
Strolling Magic
Social Interaction

Arvind travels frequently all over the world and shares his magic with thousands. His show is sure to leave your guests with memories lingering long after the curtains are drawn. We will work within your budget to deliver a performance that exceeds your expectations. Still unsure? Get in touch for a free quote and proposition.


A few highlights and moments from past performances. For more pictures, videos and media, please check the official Facebook page.

Off-Broadway, New York City
Fundraiser, Milan, Italy
KU Leuven, Belgium
Delft, the Netherlands
BITS, Goa, India
Hasselt, Belgium
TU Delft
Off-Broadway, New York City
Off-Broadway, New York City
Brussels, Belgium
SoHo, New York City


“You'd be a fool to miss his show! One of the best up-n-coming talent's I've had the pleasure of witnessing!”

Jonathan Bagwell, Rome, GA

“Arvind's magic has a personal touch to it, whether it is close-up for a small group or on stage in front of hundreds of people. He brings the audience in and makes them part of the show. He combines strong magic and mentalism with a presentation that entertains as much as it astonishes.”

David Shipley, New Jersey

“Incredible card feats in your living room - Arvind is a master of close-up magic. That really is the word. I really enjoyed watching the incredulous reactions of my friends to a series of intriguing and then shocking demonstrations, which we as an audience helped create. If you book Arvind for a performance, you can expect an interactive, memorable evening from a flexible entertainer.”

Barry Rawn, Delft

“Arvind's magic will become the hit of your event! After seeing him perform, you will be left in awe of his magic and your guests will be thanking you forever because you hired him.”

Christopher James, Professional Magician, Vancouver

“Thank you so much for the show and the TED talk. It was really fascinating and left all of us stunned! It was an exciting experience and we'd love to have you again.”

Vignesh Venkatesan, Head, Operations, TEDxNITKSurathkal

“This special Sunday afternoon was really a kind of magic. It was beautiful to think we were there to have fun, to become children one more time in our lives. But at the same time also to meet some forgotten people in the city - people whose lives have everything except something magical. Nonetheless, Arvind's self-confidence, smartness and irony made this special afternoon a real fairy tale. I saw on those faces very children smiles, a gift that we rarely used to see! Unbelieving faces... amazed faces... beautiful faces that seemed to have left all their troubles outside in the square. So once more thanks and thanks from the bottom of my heart.”

Elena, Milan, Italy

“It was my first experience of magic face to face. And it was mindblowing. I still can't believe what you've done. I was holding those cards!! No.. impossible.. And last but not least, you were just so kind to show something to everybody if they asked you.”

Aliz Fischer, Student, BME Budapest

“Arvind is one of the most skilled and multi-talented magicians I've ever had the pleasure of watching. Not only is he an exemplary card handler, but his mentalism routine will leave you stunned for days! If you haven't seen him in action, you don't know what you're missing out on!”

Jonathan Hutcherson, Chattanooga, TN

“A magically motivational day was signed off with literal magic by Arvind Jayashankar, the magician. His host of mind blowing card tricks deluded everyone and as the magician himself said — it's the mind that plays the trick and not the magician — one was again forced to ponder over the might of the mind and the ideas formed in it.”

The Hindu, India's National Newspaper

“Arvind is a storyteller. When I watch him perform, he's not doing the same, old magic tricks. He breathes life into an arcane art and shares the beauty with everyone.”

Joe Hadsall, Team Ellusionist

“Arvind perfomed for some kids in an NGO I worked for. The kids were enthralled! The smile on their faces were priceless! There is something "magical" about him.”

Swati Mathur, Associate, D.E. Shaw & Co


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